The history

The market, the place where to meet people and cultures

The origin

The Albinelli Market keeps alive the tradition and heritage of the ancient market that since the Middle Ages has spiced up the streets and squares of Modena, safeguarding the city cultural and nutritional values and the personal and close customer relationship that has always characterized the retail sail.

With the October 28th, 1931 new Market inauguration, Modena retail trade left piazza Grande, the original location which hosted it for centuries. The vendors who moved in became stable retailers, leaving behind their previous experience as street vendors for good.

The covered Market project had the goal first to relieve the pressure on the city center day in and day out full of stalls, to protect from severe weather and regulate the permanent piazza vendors then to discourage the activities of the street vendors considered socially dangerous because difficult to control.

The renovation

Even if the project was already under discussion in the middle of the 19th century, the first real step towards starting the project, was taken during the first years of the 20th century thanks to the renovation of Carceri street , where the traditional butcher’s shop, the slaughterhouse and the fish market where located.

The Carceri street then became Albinelli street (named after the mayor Luigi Albinelli) and the engineer Giuseppe Tubini was given the task to develop a project regarding the building of a new market, which actually remained unbuilt for many years after that.

Only in the year 1929 the Market construction works started and a great consideration was aimed at granting hygiene: pink marble tables for the fish sellers, adequate piping for running water delivery to each stall, a water outflow system for the floor cleaning.

The aesthetics appearance

Much consideration was dedicated to the building design, as revealed outside by the elegantly handmade iron coils connecting the main supporting pillars and inside by the beautiful fountain located at the center of the Market, named Girl with a flower basket, artwork of Giuseppe Graziosi, a Savignano sul Panaro born sculptor and painter.

As years go by several system upgrading and conservative restoring were necessary, the last was finished in the year 1997. Since then the Market was designated a National Historic Landmark.

Now it is the beating heart of the city of Modena, appreciated by citizens for the fresh goods on display, by visitors for the warm welcoming and the possibility to identify and sample the Modena traditional culinary excellences and last but not least, by restaurateurs, especially those running a downtown restaurant, for the genuine and luscious selection of food.


Inside the Marketplace

Grocery delivery service

The Albinelli Market offers a special grocery delivery service in collaboration with Italian Bike Messenger. Call 388 9703707 or send a mail to, listing the desired items and then choose the vendors and the preferred delivery time... that’s all! The delivery service is sustainable: only by bike with no carbon dioxide emissions. Let’s respect nature and help the city to have a cleaner air!
per informazioni e costi visitate il sito di Italian Bike Messenger

Prenota il Taxi

All’Edicola di Giorgia Boni, all’interno del mercato, puoi prenotare il servizio di Taxi fornito da Radiotaxi Modena Cotamo.
Prenotando al mercato avrai diritto ad 1 euro di sconto su ogni corsa!
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