It’s always time for ice cream. Toschi Vignola’s 500 pop-up ice cream parlor at the Market in the days of the Philosophy Festival

What’s better, in the days of the Philosophy Festival when the center of Modena is in great turmoil, to stop at the Albinelli Market to make some purchases and, perhaps, even to enjoy a good ice cream?
This year it will be possible, thanks to the initiative of the Market and Toschi Vignola. Because it’s always ice cream time”.
Andrea Solieri, president of the Consorzio Mercato Albinelli, thus presents the novelty on the occasion of the event that takes place between Friday 16 and Sunday 18 September.
“Establishing a collaboration with the Albinelli Market seemed to us an excellent idea – explains Massimo Toschi President of Toschi Vignola Srl – because we combine our historical brand with another important reality in the area, that of the Market.
Toschi Vignola sells all over the world but is deeply rooted in this place so fascinating and rich in excellence, Albinelli with its over 90 years of history is an ideal partner.
It is a collaboration that begins with this beautiful initiative and which we hope will continue in the future in the forms that we will be able to find ”.
‘It’s always time for ice cream’ is the title given to this extraordinary initiative by Albinelli. In practice, thanks to Toschi Vignola, a 500 car has been transformed into a ‘pop up’ ice cream parlor and it will thus be possible during the extraordinary opening hours of the Market to also enjoy an ice cream garnished with the delicious and famous Toschi Amarene, as well as being able to buy and try all the delicacies on sale in the traditional stalls. Friday 16 from 7 to 15, Saturday 17 from 7 to 21 and Sunday 18 from 9 to 15 the Albinelli will be open and able to welcome the people of Modena and the many tourists and onlookers who arrive in the city on the occasion of the ‘lessons’ of the Philosophy Festival and of the many collateral activities. Among these is the ‘Razionsufficiente’, the ‘philosophical’ meal with local products which also features 13 stalls in the Albinelli Market.
Voltaire used to say: ‘Ice cream is exquisite. What a pity it’s not illegal. ‘ What better sentence than this in the days of the Philosophy Festival dedicated to justice?