PGI balsamic vinegar of Modena protagonist on Sunday 25 September with “Acetaia open”

The historic brand Monari Federzoni is back in the center of Modena, at the Albinelli Market, and we are really very happy with it. The store, which on Sunday 25 September will participate in the ‘Acetaie Aperte’ initiative, is a flagship for the market”. Andrea Solieri, president of the Consorzio Mercato Albinelli, welcomes the “Balsamic and kitchen” store of Monari Federzoni which, in fact, is particularly significant as the company returns to the heart of Modena, where it was born in 1912 when Elena Monari in her bottega sensed the great value of Balsamic Vinegar and began to make it known in the rest of Italy.
In Monari Federzoni’s “Balsamic and kitchen” store, all the company’s products will be available, and it will also be possible to taste dishes prepared in the express cuisine of the Japanese chef Shota Mitamura.
In the store you can taste and buy the different types of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI from the Monari Federzoni assortment, led by expert staff.
Monari Federzoni brings the tradition and culture of our Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI to 60 countries around the world and, now, it is ideally back home, in that Albinelli Market which is in fact the home of the many food and wine traditions of our territory that they are appreciated and loved all over the world, as proven by tourists who, after the acute phase of the pandemic, returned in large numbers to visit and shop in the historic Modenese market.
Sunday 25 September, as mentioned, will be the day of ‘Acetaie Aperte’ and for the occasion it will be possible to enter the Albinelli Market in the ‘Balsamic and kitchen’ store, where Monari Federzoni will propose tasting itineraries.