Three commercial spaces at the Albinelli Market are announced

The selection is open for the assignment for 12 years of three commercial spaces at the Albinelli Market in Modena, intended for the food sector and beyond.
In fact, the announcement for the allocation of parking concessions for trade on a public area in the covered market has been published and interested parties will have time to submit an application until 31 October.
The notice and attachments are available on the Modena Municipality website ( in progress).
Individual enterprises, partnerships, joint-stock companies or cooperatives duly constituted and registered in the chamber registers can participate in the selection, as well as natural persons who will have to set up as a business at the time of any assignment.
For companies already established, applications must be sent to the Municipality via the Suaper platform and, only if not available, by certified e-mail, a procedure for individuals.
It is allowed to submit multiple applications for different counters, but more than one stand of those listed on the call cannot be assigned to the same operator.
In particular, the counters to be assigned are number 94, with an area of 13.87 square meters, without a cold room, intended for the food sector; number 96, with an area of 16.48 square meters and a cell of 5.18 square meters, intended for fish and in the alternative food or plants and flowers; the M-N-O car park (in the access lane from Piazza XX Settembre) of 11.57 square meters, with a cell of 6.47 square meters, intended for the food sector excluding fruit, vegetables, plants and flowers.
The start of the activity must take place within six months of the notification of the allocation of the stand and the fee will be paid by the Albinelli Covered Market Consortium to the Municipality from the issue of the authorization / concession of the stand to the assignees.
The criteria for the formation of the ranking, defined by the municipal council, concern, in the first place, the seniority of the business, proven by the registration in the register of companies and referred to that of the owner at the time of participation in the call. cumulated with that of any previous owner.
With the same score, the quality criteria of the offer are applied, aimed at rewarding the choice of organic, zero-kilometer products, typical local and Made in Italy products, the organization of tastings and participation in continuous training; and the type of service provided, for example the possibility of home delivery of groceries, the sale of prepackaged products, online sales and the availability of alternative or additional hourly shifts.
In the event of further equality of points, the criterion of greater seniority of registration in the Register of commercial enterprises on public areas is applied as an absolute value and, subsequently, the chronological order of arrival of the applications is valid.
“The Albinelli Market, as this announcement also demonstrates, is a central place for the city and continues to attract customers, both local and tourists who are increasing.
The problems, needless to hide it, are there and are the ones that all traders are facing, but Albinelli is alive.
The last stalls occupied a few months ago and the announcement for these, which we are sure will find an important answer, prove it ”.
Andrea Solieri, president of the Consorzio Mercato Albinelli, comments on the tender for three stalls in the city center structure. “In this period, the skyrocketing energy costs are also creating concern for all market operators – Solieri continues -, also because it is the customers themselves who suffer the increases in their bills.
However, there are positive signs: the entrances to the Albinelli remain stable, as confirmed by the access data, and the return of tourists bodes well.
Not a day goes by without the arrival of groups of people who come from abroad and almost every week we host crews and journalists, the latest arrivals from Holland and Germany.
As a Consortium we are committed both in terms of savings and cost containment, and to make the Albinelli Market more and more known also to the Modenese as well as outside our territory “.